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FRCS Starter Course

FRCS Starter Course



Tips and Techniques for Part 1 of the FRCS General Surgery

About this event

The Section 1 of the FRCS is one of the hardest exams you will take. Sometimes it is too overwhelming and you just dont know where to start. We will talk you through how to start, practice questions and guide you through some technique and application.

There is a lack of guidance and support for people who want to take the first part of the general surgery exam and this course will help fill that gap and support you on your way to success.

After a fantastic inaugural year the feedback received has been excellent and helped candidates save that initial revision time searching for resources and identfying the approach to the exam.

You can also join our starter course via eventbrite at the following link:


We will cover the following aspects during the course

1) Introduction to the exam
2) The syllabus
3) Timings of the exam
4) How to start and revise
5) Timetabling
6) Revision Resources
7) Exam question practice
8) Identifying key words
9) The Computer Interface of the exam
10) Exam techniques for SBAs
11) Overview of Cancer pathway protocols to help you start

Events are regularly organised throughout the year to ensure we can accommodate everyone . We are interactive and inclusive and offer a safe environment to springboard your revision.

It doesn’t matter who you are and whether this is your first or last attempt, we go the extra mile with you because we understand how challenging this period of your life can be.

Let’s walk this journey together and help you succeed!

Organizer of FRCS Section 1 Tips and Techniques

Mr Siddiqui is currently a consultant General and Colorectal Surgery at South Tyneside & Sunderland Royal Hospitals NHS Trust. .

He has completed a postgraduate certificate in medical education and is keen to teach and train students and doctors at any level.

As part of his interest in post graduate education he is chair of the higher FRCS online question bank and takes a personal interest in any subscriber that needs additional support and assistance.

He is also faculty on the Alpine course and has contributed to a part 2 VIVA book due for publication in 2023. He is also editor in chief of a single best answers book due for publication in 2023.

Through his work he has developed a good rapport with everyone he meets and is approachable with a clear sense of direction to meet your needs and requirements.

Mr M. Rafay. S. Siddiqui

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